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PowerMac G5 2ghz DP Maximum Memory Upgrade?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by RedElectro, Jan 11, 2011.

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    What's the maximum ram upgrade I can put in my PowerMac? Apple states it's 4gb, but I've heard that this is a conservative estimate and you might actually be able to put more in?

    Is this true or just a rumor? Would it be possible say, to up the memory to 8gb with 2gb sticks x4?

    Thanks in advance :)
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    What's the model identifier in System Profiler?
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    Model Name: Power Mac G5
    Model Identifier: PowerMac7,3
    Processor Name: PowerPC G5 (3.0)
    Processor Speed: 2 GHz
    Number Of CPUs: 2
    L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
    Memory: 2 GB
    Bus Speed: 1 GHz
    Boot ROM Version: 5.2.4f1

    Is this enough info? Cheers :)
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    Everymac says it'll take 8GB but you must install it in pairs.
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    Thanks for that, I didn't know about the Everymac website! There are two models of the G5 2.0 DP though and looking at these stats, it seems as though it's just the PCI-X version that supports 8gb of ram. Mine (unfortunately) seems to be the standard PCI version, which would appear to limit upgrades to 4gb.


    Type: Other Network Controller
    Driver Installed: Yes
    Bus: PCI
    Slot: SLOT-2
    Vendor ID: 0x1814
    Device ID: 0x0601
    Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x1432
    Subsystem ID: 0x7728
    Revision ID: 0x0000

    Still, I should imagine just upgrading to 4gb is going to make a difference?
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    Yeah you're right, sorry, I looked at the PCI-X, 2GB to 4 is still a big jump though, remember that most Macs today ship with 4 and it is enough for most users.
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    Apple is right, 4gb is the max for your model. You only have 4 memory slots so 4x 1gb modules. There are 8 slot models that will take 8gb total. You need DDR memory.

    The late '05 G5s used DDR2 and can take 16gb total with 2gb 8x dimms.
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    Ok, Thanks for that guys. 4gb will possibly do me fine anyway!

    Somewhere along the line I got the impression that even though the (official) max memory was 4gb, you could (unofficially) use 2gb sticks in the four slots to get to 8gb!! I guess it was just an unfounded rumour, so I'll just have to be happy with 4gb until I've got enough for my Mac Pro! ;)

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