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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bradleykavin, Feb 11, 2009.

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    I am using a powermac G5 dual 1.8 that has four memory slots in the office. Could i purchase four 2 gig sticks and put them in this machine? The specs detail a maximum memory capacity of four gigs...?
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    I think they do make a 2 gig PC 3200 DDR stick so I think you could theoretically max it out at 8 gigs of ram. But I think that PC 3200 DDR ram is very expensive and the G5's are finicky.

    I had a single 1.8 G5 last year and I think I spent 160 bucks for four 1 gig sticks. Sold the machine and put the two remaining 1 gig sticks in my mom's iMac G5 ambient light sensor 20".

    Long winded answer is yes but be prepared to pay. And make sure the ram is guaranteed for a Powermac.
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    Yeah I had the some one too. The 2gb are ECC modules from what I recall and won't work in the 4 slotted G5's. The max you can run is 4gb (4x 1gb PC3200). Actually they use PC2700 but the PC3200 400mhz will downclock automatically to 333mhz speeds, at least it did in mine :p.

    Just look out for deals. Especially sites like Frys.com. I got 2x Crucial 1gb PC3200 last year for $17 :D.... after the rebates of course.
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    Do they even make 184 pin single 2GB sticks? Mac compatible that is?
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    Yes but it's ECC memory which from what I've heard, won't work in the G5 :(
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    There's just not enough love for the G5s :(
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    My single 1.8ghz was the earlier model with eight memory slots. And it ran like a champ.

    I got the memory from here: pcesupply-ebay@pcwonderinc.com

    I do have to say, it was excellent memory.

    Try emailing them and asking if they'll sell it to you at 22.50 a stick for four sticks. They nailed me on shipping so be specific, but that memory was killer.

    Follow up on memory. I always forget that memory can fail. I was helping a friend with an iMac g5 that wasn't booting properly. Had to take it in to Apple cause I couldn't figure out the problem. Bad memory. It was the last revision isight model that only has one slot plus on board ram. It was a relief but then a question mark about memory and how we need to get good ram for our Macs.

    Also, my single 1.8ghz Powermac rejected cheaper ram from that same seller. Then they sent me a reorder on the ram that was labeled Powermac G5 guaranteed, brand new.

    Two sticks of it are now in my mom's pre iSight G5 iMac, running flawlessly and even faster because they are matched pairs.
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    G5 Dual 2.0 ram ?s and others

    Good day all. Please bear with me as I am not a computer geek and I have just made the switch to a Powermac G5 dual 2.0 machine. Bought it used for $495 shipped and it was loaded with programs such as Adobe CS3 professional. Anyway, the guy that owned it before me removed his files and in doing so erased some critical files such as Safari, couldn't get on the internet. He had sent Tiger cds so I took my Leopard CD from my Macbook and try to patch things up while keeping the programs. When I rebooted my password wouldn't work so after talking with Apple support they told me I needed to reinstall Leopard so I did and things were fine except all programs were lost. Then I wanted to look and see what I had in the way of ram, it said 5.5 gigs, and in looking I found that there were 7 gigs, 6x1gig and 2x512 gig, so I figured some were not working. I found the pairs that were not working although I didn't try to find which one in the pair weren't working, and pulled them. So now the system says 4 gigs. My questions are 1) would running the 1 gig and 512 that were still good work? 2) could I get just one 1gig and 1 512 and run them paired with the other two that are still good and if so would they have to be the same as far as manufacturer and all?

    Thanks in advance.



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