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Powermac G5 Root Password HELP !!!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Leareth, Feb 20, 2010.

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    Please help me I am at wits end

    I inherited a G5 from a colleague who left the department
    however i was not given a firmware password
    so now I cannot re-install the OS OR work in terminal
    I have tried the remove RAM and then reset PRAM
    I have TRIED booting off disk but that is locked
    I have tried replacing HD with new one but cannot boot off disk to install onto it.

    Please what is left for me to try to get this working.
    and no the person is not available to just tell me what password is, they left months ago.
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    To reset root pw:
    in terminal type:

    sudo -s

    enter your password
    then type:


    enter new root password

    not sure why you are unable to boot from install disk. It should work.
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    problem is I do NOT have the password it was set to.
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    You don't need the root password.

    If you don't know the current user's password, reset it in the accounts system preference.

    For this method to work, the account must be an admin account.
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    Ahh Sorry I made mistake in title

    is the FIRMWARE password that I need changed/reset

    the root is fine that part I got.

    how can I change that in the title ?
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    Thank you.
    Ok I downloaded that
    tried it
    and it did not find any password :(

    sooo now the question is what is preventing me from booting of CD, install new OS or working installing new apps....

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