PowerMac G5 vs. Psystar Open Computer

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Quicksilver867, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Hello all, I haven't been on in almost literally forever, but there's no way I could abandon the great folks over here at Macrumors. It's been more than a year since my last login! Anyway, I'll be visiting here on a regular basis again, so no worries.

    Anyway, down to the issue. I'm looking at surprising my little brother with a Mac for his birthday, and I want to spend about $600, and no more than that. I've narrowed it down to two options: a used PowerMac G5 or a Psystar Open Computer. I really like these choices because they're pretty much the most upgradeable macs out there. (well, "Mac" in one case.) And really, either option would be fine for him, as he doesn't do much more than word processing and surfing the web. If you guys could help me weigh the pros/cons of each option, it would be greatly appreciated.

    It's good to be back!

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    Wait for the updated MacMini??

    As far as Pystar, I have heard alot about them, looked at there website, but I have never read about anybody on here with one. I may have missed it though.
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    About the Mini:

    True...if it has a Core 2 Duo and starts at $599 like the current one, that would be the first option. Now, it just has to be released before mid March...:rolleyes:

    About the Psystar:
    Psystar has recently added the ability to update via Apple Software Update, which was the biggest issue I had with them. Because their computers use standard ATX motherboards and power supplies, I would really be able to mount it in any ATX chassis I wanted. (ex: a clear acrylic one, because I really want a 'cool' computer for my brother)
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    Tallest Skil

    Psystar is going to be bankrupted by Apple.

    Apple has 28 billion in cash and supports their hardware and software.

    You choose.
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    Its a possibility, if not get him an applecard to purchase it when it does finally come out.
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    A computer than triple boots? Who would want that? It's probably cheaper to build your own and use your own copy of OSX, Windows, and *nix.
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    Just build your own. Psystar systems are loud machines using low end components and charging premium price. What's the point in getting a Hackintosh and paying another company premium price for a junk system, when you can build your own?
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    Good point...Psystar does use some pretty nasty hardware. I could definitely build a better $550 machine than Psystar, but my only worries are full OSX integration. (a.k.a. software update) I have gotten Leo4All working on my PC, so I assume I could do the same with another P35 or P45 based motherboard...
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    If you worry about things like "will software update still work?" then a hackintosh is probably too much work for you.
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    I can do it, I just like convenience. Psystar got it to work, so why can't I? The real issue is that I won't be using the computer...my little brother will, and I want him to be able to use it without a problem.
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    Anonymous Freak

    The problem is that Psystar does *NOT* provide a means of re-loading OS X!

    They include OS X pre-loaded via the OSX86 hacks, but they then include a shrink-wrapped copy of OS X, not a 'restore' disc that can easily restore it.

    So if you ever need to re-install; you'd have to do the exact same thing as loading OS X on any generic PC.
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    Always choose the genuine Apple over wannabe hackintrash junk.
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    If you want to build a Hackintosh with off-the-shelf OS X - get an EFi-X and follow their HCL for the hardware components.

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    Tallest Skil

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    Hmm. Another question I have is, is what happens to Psystar customers in the (likely) event that Psystar is crushed by Apple? Do they send their systems back?

    ...the PowerMac G5 and new Mini are looking more and more tempting...
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    Tallest Skil

    Apple has called for a forcible recall, but even if they are granted this, it is unlikely that everyone will send back everything.
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    Anonymous Freak

    Ah, that's fairly new. Originally, you had no way of restoring OS X with what was included.

    I've never heard of a forced recall actually being used before, for 'mere' copyright/EULA violation. I've heard of cases where future distribution is halted, and recall of product that was still on store shelves; but never a 'forced return' from end purchasers. (An offer of full refund, yes. But never "you MUST return this product.") Partly because of the doctrine of first sale. Once a customer is in physical possession of a product, it is theirs.

    Heck, even in the peanut butter scare, this recall is only *voluntary* on the part of consumers. If I fail to return my tainted peanut-butter-crackers, I may be stupid, but nobody can take any legal action against me. The stores have to return it, and the company involved has to pay for the recall; but customers are under no actual *obligation* to do anything.
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    right, hence the powerpc support in snow leopard ;D (and the guys is talking powermacG5 versus and Intel Frankenmac)
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    I'd get him either a first gen Macbook as those can be had for $500-600 or an iMac. Get him something that's already all included unless he already has a nice keyboard, monitor etc...

    The 17" iMac G5s I've seen locally go for $400 for a 1.6ghz-1.8ghz model.
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    I've pretty much settled on getting the new Mini for my brother...it just seems like a MUCH better option for only a couple hundred bucks more. I mean, my brother would then be getting full Apple support, a 100% legal computer, and the ability to run Snow Leopard should he choose to. What say you?
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    I got my iMac G5 1.8 Rev. B for 300! I was real happy.
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    Unless this has changed recently, Software Update on Psystar machines looks to their servers, not Apple's.
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    PowerMac G5 vs. Psystar vs. EFI-X.
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    Even if it was Centris 610 vs. Psystar vs. EFI-X, the genuine Mac would still win hands down.

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