PowerMac G5 wont boot with new mouse.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by peppz, Oct 6, 2009.

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    I got a strange problem..
    I bought a ocz behemoth mice, very comfortable and fits my hand perfectly. Well, anyway, When i connect it to my G5 it wont boot! When i turn the power on i hear the chime but nothing else happens, just a black screen.
    The mouse works perfekt with other computers, tryed it on both pc,s and macs, works flawlessly. Thought it might be a powerproblem so i tryed to connect it to a usb-hubb but it made no difference.

    When i disconnect the mouse the G5 boots without any problems, as usual..

    Any ideas? Someone else got this problem?

    Hope you excause my bad english..
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    Did you try to power the hub? the mouse may be pulling too much juice for the Mac. It may be a problem on the Mac. Be carefull not to get into bigger problems. As you will not have warranty on the machine any damage will hit your own pocket.
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    Hello and thanks for your reply!
    I also thought it might require too much power from the usb port, but the hub is selfpowered so it doesnt seem to be a power issue. A strange thing is that its just the startup thats seems to have an issue with the mouse. I can disconnect the mouse and start the G5, after it has started up i can connect the mouse and it works like a charm.

    Strange strange :)

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