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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MIDI_EVIL, Mar 14, 2006.

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    I cannot get my PowerBook to work with my PowerMac in my sig, over firewire.

    When the HD appears on my desktop, i click it, both computers freeze and i have to hold down restart.

    I bought the Dual G4 to act as storage to host video files that i could work on my PowerBook.

    Am i missing something?

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    Are you trying to use IP over Firewire or use Target Disk Mode?

    Are the Powermacs drives formatted and if so how?

    Is this a recent issue (it had been working before and now it's not) or is this your first time trying it?
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    I'm considering the same purchase (a powermac G4 for external storage and itunes/internet use), would you be willing to share how you get it working and how you like it?
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    Thanks for replying,

    1. I've only attempted target disk mode, it freezes both machines when i try to search or add to the PowerMac's HD.

    2. The PowerMac has a 60GB Maxtor HD with Mac OS X 10.3

    3. It's a recent issue as i only received the PowerMac last week, but i've tried it 5 times and it's frozen all of them.

    What is IP over firewire? How would i use that?

    Thanks again,

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    Of course!

    I love this machine! Get a Gigabit Ethernet Dual processor AGP as i recently discovered they can address a full 2GB of RAM.

    The models after like the Quicksilver, can only address 1.5GB.


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    Rich, heres a link to info on IP over firewire IP over

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    I love you.


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    wanna give up your PM G4 ? ;) :D

    That seems fair :D :cool:
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    Why not get a wireless router, hook that up to your broadband, and hook both the laptop and desktop to that? You'll have internet access through both machines, and both machines will be able to communicate wirelessly so you don't have to be in close proximity of the desktop to get stuff to the laptop. If you make sure the wireless router also has a 4 port ethernet switch in there then you'll also be able to hook them up over ethernet for faster data transfer rates. I use a Linksys. Have done for years. Have my thinkpad talking to my Power PC G5.
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    In a crowded area, do you run the risk of other people being able to "talk" to your computers as well? I realize you can add a password, but how fast is it?

    Also, how would speed compare to an external HD for large data transfers?

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