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PowerMac Raid Advice

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by shred444, Nov 9, 2006.

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    Hi guys, i am considering running a Raid 0 configuration on my Powermac

    2x300gb drives.

    Right now i have duplicated everything onto a 250gb drive and have successfully booted with this drive.

    Does anybody know what steps i need to talk to Raid the two 300gb drives and move everything back onto them?

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    Why not keep the RAID separate from your boot drive?
    This will be faster for any video edit programs, and easier to set up.
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    Just open up disk utility, build a new RAID, and format it.

    Then copy your stuff from the 250 onto the RAID.. use a program like carbon copy cloner, otherwise it wont boot.

    I'd suggest doing a fresh OS install instead though.

    Since you have a G5, I'm going to guess that you only have 2 hard drive bays.

    I'd suggest
    1) Install OS X on the 2x300GB RAID (you can RAID them while booted off the install DVD before you install OS X)
    2) buy an IDE -> SATA converter
    3) take out your optical drive, put in the 250GB (no need to screw it in, you'll be taking it out soon)
    4) transfer your files from the 250 onto the 600GB RAID partition
    5) take out the HD and put the optical back in
    6) happy dance
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    Oops, missed that part.
    There are a couple other options depending on how fast you need the raid and how much $$ you have. You can use a FW800 external as your boot drive and use the two internal bays as the RAID, or you can buy an external SATA RAID from someone like http://www.promax.com/Landing/Storage/

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