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PowerPc Macs Can Boot From USB!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MAC MAN JW, Sep 18, 2012.

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    I was going to install OS X leopard (useing LeopardAssist) on my 400MHz PowerMac G4 when i remembered that its original DVD drive will not read the Leopard DVD so i got my Macbook 1,1 out and connected it in FireWire target disc mode only to find out that it's optical drive has gone bad:( i then was thinking i would have no other choice but to buy a new DVD Drive for the G4 just to install Leopard, but then i remembered i had a external USB DVD Drive. i known a lot of people said PowerPc Macs will not boot off USB but i tried it any way and it worked! all i did was hold the Option key down and it came right up! needless to say it was a very slow install Over the built in usb 1.1 ports but it did work, i don't think this will work with every PPC mac that has USB or every usb device but i Booted the tiger install cd on a 500MHz iMac G3 as well so Booting from USB Useing the Option key is possible:D. The DVD drive model is a LG Model GSA-E40L Here are some Pics i have the dvd drive open to show nothing is in the internal drive. and to People who say PPC macs can not be a main computer any more that's not true as this computer is now my main Mac i'm useing this Mac to Make this Thread running with 1.5GB Ram and the original ATI rage 128 pro with Tigers .kext for the rage 128 it works just Fine:)





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    Actually a lot of us are aware of this, but I do recall one poster who argued long and loud that this could not be.
    So loud in fact I do believe he got himself ousted from the forum.
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    The only issue is one with firmware, but yes it can be done.
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    Zeke D

    this information has been confirmed many times before. A few trolls have been posting otherwise.
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    That's why i made this Thread to show people that don't think they can boot from usb and show them it is for sure possible! to be honest I was not to sure it would boot off usb because alot of people had mixed opinions if it works,but the only way was to try it for my self And it worked just fine:). Only thing i wonder about is if the mac would still boot off usb if useing a pci usb 2.0 Card.
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    Sadly most (all?) PCI/PCIX/PCIe USB cards are not able to be used for USB booting in a PowerPC Mac. And of course there are limitations. If the drive is not showing up in the boot menu (option at startup) you have to rebless its bootx file in the CoreServices directory for your machine. It will also only work with Macs that have USB 1.1 or USB 2. These include the Sawtooth/slot loading G3 iMac and newer Macs. Older ones can only boot from FireWire due to their implementation of USB.
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    This is the kind of info that makes MR a great site, thanks -- didn't know this.
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    I somewhat figured it would not work with a usb card but was not sure, at least usb 1.1 is better then nothing! on the later PowerBook's,emacs,and G5's they got lucky with usb 2.0 built in:) Great info by the way:)

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