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Preparing AppleWorks data for Lion

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by TomRadfahrer, Jun 5, 2011.

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    AppleWorks will not run with Lion. Year ago I used AppleWorks heavily, but now I am using Pages and Numbers. Sounds good, but there is a problem: Pages cannot open most of my old AppleWorks documents, and I want to be able to read them in the future.

    I decided to convert all old AppleWorks documents to PDF and store the PDFs in the same folder as the originals. I am trying to write a script to help me with this job, but the script is not able to automate the process completely. Nevertheless, I have to do it before Lion comes.

    Do you have any idea if you can run such PowerPC programs like AppleWorks in a virtual machine or so?

    Or has anybody an idea how I can script AppleWorks to produce PDF? All I found until now was to open the print dialog with AppleScript and do the rest manually. File by file, click by click :-(
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    For documents, you may want to try saving them in RTF or some other format that both AppleWorks and Pages support.

    At a guess, are any of the documents you can't open in Pages from before AppleWorks 6? That is, haven't been saved out by AppleWorks 6. If so opening and then saving them in AppleWorks 6may render them readable by Pages and Numbers.
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    The docs I cannot open are docs which combine text, graphics and calculations. Pages can open AppleWorks text documents only.

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