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Preview won't work with flash video on Lion?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by waywardsage, May 29, 2012.

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    I used to tap the space bar and preview tons of downloaded flash video on my mac offline with the quick look function in a folder. Now, since I've upgraded to Lion I no longer can click the space bare to use preview in a folder to view a quick flash video. I know I can use VLC, but I have a ton of flash video's and want to be able to quickly preview them and scroll through them. This was no problem on Snow Leopard. Did Apple pull this from Lion?

    What am I doing wrong? What setting do I need to fix?
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  3. waywardsage, Jun 1, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2012

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    Do i just dump that file into that folder? I did and it still won't work. It seems to always prompt me to open it in Adobe Media Viewer or VLC.

    How do I just use preview?
  4. Set845, Jun 1, 2012
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    Yes just drop it in the Quicklook folder. It allows you to quicklook the flv. It does not have anything to do with the preview app tho. In quicklook pressing the "open with" button does bring up VLC for me too. Try pressing and holding the"open with" bottom to see what other choices you have.

    Also, Perian needs to be installed.
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    I guess i've been using the wrong terminology. I'm trying to get quicklook to work with flash video. It still won't work for some reason. It keeps prompting me to open it in VLC.
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    Ok just add the file to QuickLook folder in your system library. If the folder does not exist then create one. Install Perian. That should do it.

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