Price to replace logic board on 15" Powerbook G4?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by xFU3Lx, Sep 12, 2005.

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    Ok, somehow my powerbook got attacked by water, see unknown liquid on my PB thread. Well I've come to the conclusion that my Logic board is probably fried. What kind of money am I looking at spending here?
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    Got insurance ?? :D
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    A lot! I've no idea, but I can tell you an iBook 12" logic board is about AUD$800 - parts only. (for reference a 12" iBook sells for AUD$1599).
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    if you want to do it yourself look at that has the price of some of the logic boards, unknown which ones that they do and don't have.

    But it will run you up well well well over 1000 dollars if you have someone else do it
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    Aw ****! :mad:
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    I recommend looking on ebay for a logic board that you need and then going by instructions through

    thou it is overly extremely difficult to do it
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    I hope I don't have to do that. I'm taking it to the Apple store later. We'll see how that goes.
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    Why are you going to be doing something illegal and lie to them about how it broke? Anyways if there is water on the logic board it would have corroded something off and they will find out when they go to repair it, then they will call you and tell you it is going to cost money. A lot of money
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    I've had 2 logic boards on my PB 17" 1.33 go bad from overheating - AppleCare saved my a$$ both times - it would have been roughly $1,000 a pop. Don't lie to Apple about your own mistake - not worth it. I'd take eva01's advice and try installing it yourself. It's very touchy though and requires a steady hand.
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    Sorry about my bad english.I'm from Spain,I need a logic replacement too,and a found this
    Please check it and tell me what you think.
    Thank's :confused:

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