printer problems :o(

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mkaake, Aug 19, 2003.

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    i just recently inherited an hp 870cse printer from a friend, and i'm having all sorts of problems...

    to start, i'm using a beige g3 desktop, 416 megs of ram, stock video, and 9.2.2.

    The hp says it's mac compaitble, which i have verified online (not to mention the 8 pin mac serial connector on the side). i downloaded the drivers for it. i also downloaded the updates for it. (the drivers are now up to 9.4.2)

    but here's the kicker.

    if I plug the stupid thing into the serial port (with not only an old printer cable, but a brand spankin new belkin 8 pin serial cable), the chooser still can't find the dumb thing. same as the modem port. (i know the modem port works, because i regularly use it with my external us robtics modem).

    i know the printer works because not only can it print a test page, but it works fine with my windows laptop (sorry, but work gave it to me).

    i'm really at a loss here. i've tried everything i can think of - i've even used the 8 pin serial mac to pc serial cable from the modem, and plugged it into the scsi connector. the crazy thing is, if I do it there, the printer at least responds to my plugging it in. (not so with the printer cable into the serial connector).

    i'm going crazy here, cause this printer is in great shape, prints pretty good, and was free (i can't afford to buy a usb card and another printer, so please don't recommend that i junk this - it works just fine... just not with my mac yet).


    any thoughts whatsoever?

    oh, and i've tried messing with all of the extensions, on, off, taking out newly installed ram, blah blah blah.

    nothing works.

    any thoughts??????

    much appreciated -

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    In chooser, check to see that AppleTalk is turned off and try it again.
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    noperz... i've tried all of that. i'm really not a nube ;o)... i've been using macs (and printers for that matter) without troubles for quite some time (i started back with the mac plus). never had this kind of trouble with a printer before though...

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    and for anyone else reading this... just fwiw - if you try to connect to the printer port and appletalk is turned on, it will warn you that you need to turn appletalk off...

    and i believe, in os 7, it even went as far as to turn it off for you...


    no os 9 experts out there anymore?

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    Re: printer problems :eek:(

    I used to own an HP DeskJet 870cse. The only thing that I can recommend is that you uninstall the print driver, and reinstall the base version. See if that works. If it does, the install the updates. See if that works. Make sure that you have AppleTalk turned off the printer port.
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    Re: Re: printer problems :eek:(

    I've tried using the old version, i've tried the old version with extensions off, i've tried the new version with extensions off, both with extensions on. i've tried hooking it up to the modem port, i've tried that with extensions on and off, old drivers and new.

    i'm really flustered at the whole thing - by all accounts, it should be working. what makes it worse is that it still works just fine on my laptop...


    oh, and yes, again, appletalk is turned off. even if it wasn't, the chooser would tell me as much when i try to choose the printer port...

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    oh, and just fwiw: i've also gone to the extent of zapping the pram, resetting the CUDA button, blah blah blah..

    all to no avail.


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