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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Phil22, May 17, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I've been slowly encoding my DVD collection for some time (have 266 films done and growing!) and have been getting on fine, until now. Tried to do Predator last night, but the resulting file is huge! I use AnyDVD (windows) to get the DVD folder onto my computer and feed this into Handbrake. However, with Predator the file size (on the high profile and apple tv2 preset) both give a file larger than the raw DVD image! The Predator folder is 5.65GB, however, my high profile rip is 5.82GB! I only noticed this when trying to load it up onto my iPad last night and it wouldn't copy. I just checked my apple TV (3rd generation) and thankfully it plays fine on that, even though I was under the impression your file size couldn't be larger than 4GB to work on apple tvs?

    The bit rate of the high profile rip is 8026kbps! Comparing this to my other encodes this is huge. I guess I should re-encode it but at a higher RF to get the file size down. Just wondering if anyone has come up this problem for other films?

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    Are you certain that you're encoding the correct title? Find out which title track the main movie is on and just encode that title.

    Another possibility is that you adjusted the settings somehow when you originally encoded. Maybe you moved the RF slider from 20 to 10 (or something).

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    Yes I am positive it's only the main title being encoded, am checking it in iTunes, also it's 1h 42 mins in length which I know is the correct length of the film.

    Nope unfortunately everything is set correctly, I shall uninstall handbrake and get a fresh re-install for it. However, after encoding Predator I encoded another film, exact same settings used and it's come out fine (1.24 GB in size and a more palatable 1940kbps)
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    Here's another thing to check.

    If you have VLC, open the big Predator m4v file. Do a CMD-I to bring up the info screen. There should be a tab for "Streams". How many Stream tracks do you have?

    Typically, you'll have a stream for the video, a stream or two for the audio (2-chan and surround), and maybe a stream for the chapters.

    If you have more than that, then Handbrake did something funky.

    Also, I have run into situations where certain DVDs (or VIDEO_TS) didn't encode correctly. For instance, I have the complete series for Dungeons & Dragons cartoon (from the 80s). The file size from Handbrake are about 30% bigger than I would expect. It's kinda weird. It's not 3x like you're seeing, but they're bigger.

    You probably should try encoding again to see if you get better results.
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    Ok had some test encodes running last night which I should have looked at first, I just did the High profile setting again, Apple TV2 and Apple TV preset. While the high profile and Apple TV2 presets both gave similarly large encodes (around the 5.8GB mark) the original Apple TV setting worked fine producing a 1.4GB file size. I'm guessing a setting/or settings not being used in that profile is more appealing for this film? Strange.

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