Problem finding early versions of OS X (10.0)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by farmermac, Sep 25, 2010.

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    I am having a hard time finding older versions of OS X. Specifically, Cheetah (10.0). I have an old ibook G3 and would like to try it and see wether it'll run a little better then with OS 9.

    Any tips? Willing to pay for a legal license of course but would prefer not to have to wait and go through Ebay.
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    10.0, 10.1, and 10.2 all run very, very slowly. I'd suggest 10.3, it the fastest for G3 computers.
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    I can tell you right now Mac OS 9 is going to run better. I may be off here, but as I recall it wasn't until 10.2 that OS X was the default OS on new computers from Apple. They came with both OS 9 and X and 9 was actually the default boot OS. In other words, early versions of OS X were not very good, and actually lost some functionality from OS 9. Not to mention application support for such old versions of X isn't going to be much better than it will be for OS 9 at this point, I would really suggest staying away from it unless you go up to 10.3 or better.
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    I had reasonable performance with 10.3 (Panther) on a first generation iBook. It was certainly more usable than OS9 was. No video though.

    10.2 was dog slow. Terrible on the iBook.
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    10.0 sucked. It was about as good as Windows ME.
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    it was still better then windows Me
    but really really slow in comparison with OS9
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    $170, that's a lot for a very old, very unusable, slightly unstable, operating system.
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    True, I'm surprised how much it is going for. I suppose it has to do with being a "collectors item". It is interesting to fire it up on my B&W G3 every now and then.
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    Haha thanks. I came across that by accident a while back. They have some pretty good prices on there.
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    blimey, 79 dollars. I have 10.3 in a box staring at me right now doing bot all.

    and 10.4 it would seem!

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