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Problem in paradise with AppleTV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by tero, Mar 27, 2007.

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    Just received a new HDTV and AppleTV today and as you can imagine, was quite excited.
    I have two computers in house, Windows XP laptop and MacBook. Both Core 2 Duos and with a lot of material.
    Mac found AppleTV immediately and streaming/syncing worked like magic. Problem is, that I am not getting my iTunes on WinXP machine to find AppleTV. I would need both to be feeding AppleTV. Can you please advise of any solutions? Went thru the apple.com support pages and none of the hints helped.

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    ATV can only be copied to from one machine. You can stream from upto 5 machines.

    I think thats how it works.
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    yes. That how it works, but you can't stream if you dont find the :apple: TV.

  4. Gee
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    does the Mac see the PC's iTunes? Maybe a firewall issue?
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    Here are some things to try:

    1. Make sure sharing is turned on in iTunes on Windows XP.
    2. Make sure Port 3689 is open for TCP traffic in the XP firewall or turn the firewall off.
    3. Open iTunes on the Mac and make sure you see the XP iTunes playlists.
    4. If all above is good, go back to AppleTV and select Sources, Add New iTunes. You have to do this for each library you want to add to streaming.
    5. When the PIN comes up, go to iTunes on XP and if the AppleTV is there in the left navigation bar, select it and enter the PIN.
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    Thank you.
    I am able to share between Mac and XP Itunes (they "see" each other) so I guess we can rule the firewall out of the picture. I also rebooted the equipment many times and re-installed iTunes onto XP machine. I also had the Windows Firewall turned off for a while to test the connections.

    I will try the steps provided.

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    I 2nd that Kersh, you have to look for the XP (streaming) box on the Apple TV sources, not in the XP iTunes. After you get a code on the TV screen, then it should show up in the streaming (XP) machine.

    I have my Mac Mini synced to 40GB and then also stream from that same machine non-synced media.

    I have all my photos synced, as well as video podcasts, as well as home movies, and all my AAC music which leaves me less than a gig free space.

    Then I have it set for streaming so I can access all my music, i.e. mp3s and audio podcasts as well as my feature films. Works pretty well.
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    The situation is:
    - I can sync/stream from my Mac easily. AppleTV is beautiful piece of equipment
    - I have done everything which is recommended in Apple Support, these forums but still I am not able see the AppleTV on my Windows iTunes
    - I am able to access Itunes Stores from all the machines (ATV,PC,Mac). Also, I am able see and play PC iTunes libraries from Mac and vice versa.

    I am using 3Com wireless router. It seems that I dont have a network related issue, but rather something in my PC is blocking ATV. I have turned off the Windows Firewall as well.

    Any other recommendations?

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    One final comment, did you download the iTunes 7.1.1 update for XP? You need to have the most recent version of iTunes and Quicktime to work with AppleTV. I have found the software update function on XP has to be forced usually (doesn't seem to automatically download). This could potentially be a problem.
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    I did indeed. I first updated the iTunes to 7.1.1 using iTunes check updates. Then, when the ATV was not found in iTunes, I followed the instructions from Apple.com and uninstalled iTunes, restarted, downloaded a "fresh" copy of 7.1.1 and installed it. Still not working. I will try today if the ATV is to be found using ethernet cable.

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    I feel for you and wish you the best of luck. I feel spoiled. I plugged mine in, configured it, synched with one computer, and have been streaming from two others without any real problems.

    Hope you get it worked out.
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    Are you using wireless to connect your appletv?
    And are you connected to the internet with your PC trough an Ethernet cable?
    If so it wont work to connect your PC to the appleTV, you have to either buy a wireless card for your PC, or connect the appleTV with Ethernet every time you want to stream form your PC.
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    My setup is as follows:
    -HP laptop PC with wireless (g) connection
    - MacBook C2D with wireless (n enabled) connection
    - AppleTV wireless connection
    - Router, 3Com (b,g)
    - Toshiba laptop PC (two years old, b-standard wireless dont work, connected to router with Ethernet cable)

    All the computers "see" each other, meaning that each can play shared iTunes libraries from each other.

    Old Toshiba recognized the AppleTV immediately, so did Mac. HP laptop is causing me a headache. Cannot figure what is blocking. I have tried all the options recommended by apple support and different people in macrumours threads. There is some program in HP hindering the access, i think. :confused: It is a shame as HP laptop is my workhorse. (2.33 C2D with 4GB memory, 180GB HD).

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    Firewall / AntiVirus software on the odd-ball system?
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    Dude, no offense, but have you called Applecare. They will troubleshoot this for you. 1-800-APL-CARE

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