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Problem recording with a lavalier wireless mic

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by JohnofCharlton, Aug 19, 2009.

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    I bought a Shure lavalier wireless mic but can't get it working with my Mac--or a friends Mac for that matter. The problem is I can't get an adequate input line level. I've tried using an iMic into the USB port and I've tried plugging into the input jack directly--no success. I bought a M-Audio Mobilepre USB preamp--no help. I then got an M-Audio DMP3 mic preamp which has more power (67dB of gain). When I hook up a Shure SM57 it works fine. The problem isn't lack of phantom power--the wireless system supplies it. Any suggestions? :)
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    have you confirmed the mic works in other applications? does the mic have a pad engaged?
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    The mic could be broken. Can you connect it to something like a mixer or preamp and look at the UV meter to see the signal. Does the meter or LEDs move?
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    Low battery?
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    Thanks to those who have offered suggestions. The mic itself works fine. I get a good response on the preamp meter. The battery is fine.
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    What series is the wireless mic?

    Most have adjustable output gain on the reciever, and often times a selectable mic/line level switch.
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    It's a Shure PGX4 mic. There is no output gain on the receiver or switch.
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    A little progress!

    I picked up a different cable with a 1/8" stereo TRS plug. This makes a difference. Before I had a mono cable. Yet, still the line level is poor. It's worse with the iMic and the sound quality is terrible. It's better plugging straight into my Mac's input jack--but still not a great level.

    Does anybody know of a good consultant I might call?
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    i'm confused. the pgx4 looks to be a wireless receiver, not a mic, so now i don't know what you've plugged into what.

    what mic do you have? does it have a wired option? i don't understand what you've tried so far.
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    Are you using the mic out (XLR), or the line out (1/4" unbalanced)? The m audio mobile pre should have done the trick.
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    Thanks to one and all for your suggestions. It turned out the problem was the cable connecting the preamp to my Mac. I had a 1/4" stereo to 1/8"mono cable. I got a stereo-stereo cable and the system now works fine!

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