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Problem upgrading Dark Side Of The Moon

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MasterNile, Jan 7, 2009.

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    Ok so I checked out the batch upgrade and it looks like not everything was able to upgrade (I know only 80% of iTunes is DRM free ATM so I wasn't expecting everything to be able to upgrade) but it seems there's only 2 artists that can't be upgraded that I purchased from iTunes, but one of them is Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon, but they do have iTunes plus version of that album, so anyone have any idea why I can't upgrade it?
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    Similar things have happened to me - there seem to be some tracks that won't upgrade yet. After I upgraded, another couple of albums became available when they hadn't been before, which also seems a bit surprising.
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    Well I found the problem I think, I apparently upgraded Dark Side Of The Moon sometime in the past (I really don't remember doing it) and somehow I guess I erased the DRM-free versions and replaced them with the older DRM version and now it won't even let me pay to upgrade them again, they really need to fix it so you can individually upgrade songs at your choice.

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