problem using firewire with my powerbook...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by proverbs, Sep 17, 2005.

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    i wanted to transfer the files on my Cube HD to my PB. so i plugged the firewire in both my PB and the Cube, and then restarted my Cube holding down T.
    the firewire screen comes out for my Cube, but i don't see the Cubes HD on my PB. anyone know what i'm doing wrong? Thanks.
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    HELP! my cube is stuck in the Firewire screen! i turned it off and turned it off and it keeps going to the firewire screen. anyone know how to fix this?!?
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    Try resetting the PRAM

    I sometimes connect my G5 to my PB via 1394.

    In Preferences /Network select the port Built-in-Firewire and set it to DHCP on both computers. Just open up Finder and click on network and you should see the Cube's account on your PB and vice versa.
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    they are both set to DHCP but nothing shows on my PB. maybe i should just transfer the files through my network. is there a way i can network my Cube and my PB so i can look at my cubes hard drive from my PB?
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    Just connect the cube to your network via ethernet, If you are using a router with DHCP enabled then set the cube up to use it. Now the PB and the cube should be able to communicate with each other.
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    turn on sharing.

    connect the two machines directely using a (crossover) ethernet cable and connnect to the internally provided network address (see system preferences/network etc; use apple-K in the finder and afp:// to the IP of the target machine).

    mount the disk(s).

    copy files.



    (I'm not sure about the cross-over cable, a regular ethernet cable will probbbaly work too, when both computers have 'sensing' ethernet ports, check the specs for your Cube). just try it, when you get the Cube out of firewire Target mode.

    good luck!


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