problem with file transfer into iDisk sites folder

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by grya, Jan 6, 2004.

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    hi. i'm having a problem loading a rather large flash file (9MB) into my sites folder on iDisk. i keep getting an error message - is there a max file transfer size, or does the problem lie elsewhere? thanks in advance. g
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    I don't know of any max file size limit. How's your free space?

    Is it just the Sites folder, or does any folder give you the same message?
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    thanks for the suggestion rower.

    i tried uploading the 9.2 MB .swf file into my public folder, but received the same message "The operation can not be completed because some data can not be read or written - error code 36." i re-published the flash file and had the same response following another upload attempt.

    there is more than enough file space available and my other .swf files load w/o a problem (though they are significantly smaller).

    any other thoughts/suggestions?

    thanks. g
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    OK, what's the filename of the file you're trying to transfer? Sometimes special characters can mess up transfers to servers.

    Even if you don't have anything weird in the filename, try renaming it and transferring it, just to see what happens.

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