Problem with PB15" composite out

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by DuDz, Nov 7, 2003.

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    I've been using my new Al Pb15/1.25 for a couple of days now. Everything is working fine
    for one exception:

    I wanted to connect the PB to my TV using its composite input, so i hooked on the original svhs -> composite adapter, linked it to the TV, turned it on (just like Apple help tells you ;)) and tried to recognize monitors in the system settings. Every time I'm doing this, a white stripe flickers across the screen on the television and that's it - Mac OS just behaves like nothing would be linked to the output.

    Also, I found no way to configure the port before using it (I'm using a PAL TV and thought I was supposed to make at least this setting). Problem stays the same under 10.2.8 and 10.3; I've tried a different composite-adapter which didn't help either. Linking my Digicam to the same composite-in works perfect.

    Someone here who might have an idea what to do? :confused:
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    By composite out are you referring to the S-video port and adaptor to RCA video that came with the laptop? I have had no problems with mine, but I would imagine that the PAL vs NTSC might be casing problems. Is the camera NTSC? Try it with the monitors preference pane open and do mirror display. I have found that any minor problems I have had were remedied by mirroring the displays rather than putting them side by side.
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    Set up the Monitor's Panel to have the menu icon. Under it, click on detect displays, and then set the size for you're TV, and it has seperate settings for NTSC and PAL. It unfortunate defaults to NTSC for all versions, so if you don't see a PAL option, set the panel to show all settings, and try again. It should work, if not, call Apple and Compain.

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    but that's exactly the problem: i'm not even getting the new section for the television where i could choose anything. I just looked up for myself how the options of the menu icon should change by connecting my crt to the dvi-port - the section for the second monitor which does appear simply doesn't when I try the same procedure with the svhs-out and its composite-adapter linked to the tv. All response I ever get is this flickering white stripe while trying to detect monitors.

    I guess I'm gonna try to find another TV with a composite-in or perhaps a composite->scart adapter.. if that's not working, it has to be some problem with the PB.. *sigh*
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    Little update (very very late, I know :D):

    I just tried to unlink my DVD-Player from the second Scart-In at my TV (it's linked to the composite-in in.. some way ;)) and everything just works fine :).

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