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Problem with Perfect Web Browser

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by saiyan, Jan 4, 2011.

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    I downloaded Perfect Web Browser yesterday because it supports printing (and also it was on sale for $0.99). After using it for a few minutes, I noticed one major problem with this browser.

    The browser does not remember any session of web sites I logged in. For example. If I logged in to Google or this web site, terminate the browser from the multitasking bar and then restart the browser, when I go back to Google or this web site the browser does not log me into the web sites automatically. I would need to re-enter my login ID and password again. Of course I also ticked the check box to remember my login if the website has this option.

    I have checked the browser settings and made sure that "Clear Cookies on Exit" is OFF and "Allow Cookies from Web Sites" is set to ALWAYS.

    Does any users of Perfect Web Browser have this problem?

    I don't have this problem when using Atomic Browser and Safari.
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    I use Perfect as my primary browser on both my iPhone and iPad and I have no such issues with forums (including Rumors) and Google.

    Make sure you have the "load homepage on returning to app" to "off". See if that helps.
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    Well. The problem disappeared after I rebooted my iPad.
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    It's a great app and no problems what so ever!

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