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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Borman, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Borman, Feb 3, 2013
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    Hi everyone. I just installed an Intel SSD into my Mac Pro. It runs a bit slow (since it is being read at 1.5 vs 3) but that is something I can deal with for now. The bigger issue is that, despite working fine in OSX, trying to boot up Windows leads to a blinking underscore on a black screen. It doesn't get past it. Removing the SSD allows Windows to boot like normal. Anything I should check out?

    Intel 330 series SSD
    In Bay 4 (But putting it in the CD bay with a SATA to IDE converter didn't change anything)
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    So I take it that the SSD was not in the MP when you installed Windows (using Bootcamp I assume)?

    Is OSX installed on the SSD, or is it just a blank SSD?

    Did you move any drives around when you installed the SSD?

    Which MP do you have?

    I had similar problems, and it was the boot manager that was all screwed up. I had to basically use the Boot menu just to get into OSX. Eventually I realised that when I moved the HD with Bootcamp/Windows installed in Bay1, it worked fine. I didn't matter where I put the SSDs, or the Raid0 HDs, but the HD with Bootcamp on it, had to be in Bay1...
  3. Borman, Feb 3, 2013
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    SSD was not in the Mac Pro. Nothing is currently installed on the SSD, although I plan on putting Mountain Lion on it (Mac Pro 1,1, so Ill have to be hacking it). Currently running Lion. No other drives were moved around.

    I reinstalled REFIT, that didn't change anything. I have tried removing every drive but the Windows drive and the SSD, with no go, but Ill try putting it into Bay 1 as well. Shutting it down now to give it a go.

    Edit: That may have just worked. What a strange, strange solution. Windows is booting now. Going to reboot things a few times to confirm, but wow :p Yep, it worked. Thank you so much. Who would have thought the position of the boot camp drive would make a difference.
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    How slow is the ssd? I have the same one sitting in my desk after my 09 Mac mini objected to it.
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    Its from 120-140MB/s, so about half the speed I expect. Im hoping Mountain Lion helps out a bit, but if not, its still faster than a HDD. Plus, I have hope that Ill figure something out hah
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    Great it worked. It was a revelation to me as well, after struggling with that for days, maybe even weeks (it is a blur now:)

    I don't know if it is in all situations, but at least in my (our) setup(s) the Bootcamp drive has to be in Bay1.
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    Whatever the reason is, so long as it keeps working IM satisfied.

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