Problems printing to a network printer with IP address

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by Dan Millen, Sep 8, 2008.

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    We have a savin printer at our office that will not print no matter what I do, the OS is version 10.5x on a iMac. It sees the printer as a IP or ldf but it won't print! I know the printer works cause we print with windows pc's?

    Does anyone have suggestions, or a guide?

    The iMac is on a windows domain running a Mac os.

    Help would be appreciated!


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    Les Kern

    Savin's actually do a pretty good job in Mac-World. We have a few of the giant copiers/printers and we HAD to load the Savin drivers on from the web site to make it work properly off of Leopard, but it worked. Also, see if you can log on to the web console or locally set Bonjour.
    There were a LOT of printers broken when OS X moved 10 10.5.3, but I am familiar with that being inkjets only... and they cannot be made to work.
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    Hey thanks for replying, I did load there Savin's SW and still nothing.

    I am not familiar with the web console? Can you elaborate on that?

    On Bonjour I only see a install for windows PC this is a Mac, am I missing something

    Thanks again

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    Anyone have any ideas?
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    help with printer


    After doing some research the Savin printers do not come included with Postscript (PS3) print chipsets.

    According to the local rep the only way to print with a Mac is to have this $500.00 part installed in the printer.

    I did some more research and this PS3 type of printing is an Adobe file which Savin would have to pay for, thus resulting in the hardware cost.

    I can't believe that a Mac can't print via the PLC Protocol?

    If someone knows how to get around this please let me know!

    I found a site called Gutenprint but the Savin is not listed.

    Any ideas?


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    Les Kern

    Sorry, I made an assumption, and one should never assume.
    We lease our 8 or so giant Savins, so I never even looked into this. While we do let them know that we are a Mac shop, no mention was ever made about "making them work with a Mac", and frankly, that sounds wrong to me. I could be wrong (and I am a often enough thank you) but I'd get a second opinion by calling Savin directly.
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    Les Kern

    I checked Savin's site, and it is as the rep says. PS chipset is needed.
    But what model is this thing?
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    Savin 8025e and we also have a Savin c2410

    I can't believe that the Mac can't print in PLC?



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