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problems publishing website using iweb

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Harrogatesaint, Sep 1, 2009.

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    I have been trying for some time now to get my website published using iweb.
    As a relative newcomer to a mac I am not sure if I have all the right links in the right windows. I have created a new website using iweb, bought a domain name from Domain Express and have 50mb of free web space with virginmedia. Now my problem is if I use the FTP server option in iweb to publish, what servers, links etc go where in the boxes below, its all quite confusing.

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    I don't use Iweb but I'm assuming the idea is more or less the same.

    when you signed up for hosting, assuming your web host allows FTP uploads, they should have given you an IP adress, something like, 54.123.867.

    That is what goes in the area marked "server"

    occasionally, you might get something more like an actual web address, if thats the case, that would go under "server" instead.

    You'll probably get asked for a username and password, it would be the same username and password that you use to manage your hosting account in most cases.

    leave the other settings at their default unless your host tells you you have to change them.

    that should then allow you to upload your site.

    now if you didn't receive an IP address, my guess is you'll have to manage your site through the virginmedia site
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    Thanks for the reply, but still can't get the iweb project to publish. I have been told by virginmedia that not to use iweb but use safari instead ? I can see my webspace in safari by typing the following in the browser window -


    But where do I go from here to publish my pages to this link ? I thought iweb 09 had a built in ftp, do I need to use something like cyberduck ?

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    Do not use the iWeb standard publishing option, that's meant for their hosting servers. You're using a third party host.

    1) Use the iWeb "Publish to Folder" option, all files should end up in a folder that is saved to your home/sites folder on your Mac.

    2) If your webhost has FTP built into their control panel or whatever tools they provide online, highlight all the files within the contents of the folder in home/sites, but do not upload the folder itself.

    Example: If "Publish to Folder" creates home/sites/MyWebSite then you'll only upload the contents of MyWebSite folder, not including the folder itself.

    2a) If your webhost does NOT provide a tool, follow the advice posted previously, i.e. download a GUI based FTP client for Mac (i.e. Fetch, FileZilla, Cyberduck, whatever) which is easy to use since you're new to this, and ask your webhost for the following:

    FTP server IP or hostname
    FTP username
    FTP password

    Then configure the FTP client and upload the "local files" (i.e. contents of MyWebSite on your Mac) to the "remote" (FTP server IP or hostname) site.

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    Thanks jim, worked a treat, downloaded cyberduck 3.3b1 the version that works with Snow Leopard, followed your intructions and my site is now up and running. Only very basic at the moment but at least its working :)



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