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problems with AP X base

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Eckslusive, Mar 22, 2003.

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    Hey I dont know if there is somethign wrong with the base or the card....
    well...this is the problem:
    When I'm surfing the net, sometimes it just stops and it can't located the base station...But my card can locate some other basestation thats not even mine..>So what do I do...I think it is my base........I already upgraded the firmware..is there anything I should do to the settings of the base?
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    Check so you are not running on same channel as that other station, that would probably cause your card to flip from on network to another.

    / filipp
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    but i already changed it once, and its still ike that.......should i change it again?
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    keep changing until you find one that's relatively clear.
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    OH OKAY...
    1) Would cordless phones interfear with my APX base?
    2) What is the - WPS - Extend wireless network- option?
    3) What if i dont find a clear channel?
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    yeah. so does microwave ovens and a ton of other standard household appliances.
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    Ok, to be honest I dont think any household stuff should make your network go poop. I have all this crap like ovens and wireless phones and blah blah blah, but the airport works just great. I think you can expect a worse signal with all this radio waves in the air, but it should not force your card to switch networks all the time. Try doing some software stuff, maybe that will help

    / filipp
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    Hey, I just realized, that I have a cordless mouse receiver right next to the base. and my mouse is pretty close to the base too.. Would that be it? Can that be the cause?
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    It could probably disturb the signal somethat. However, this mouse adaptop can in no way create another network which is probably the cause of your problems. So I dont think this is it, I still think your card is just jumping over to that other network. Check your network preferences, so that the airport option "After restart or wake from sleep" specifies your network in the "join a specific network" field. That would probably help your card keep connected to your network instead of others.

    / filipp
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    By law it has to. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) statutes state that all 802.11 devices (a/b/g/n whatever) must accept all interference, as well as not interfering with other transmissions / receptions.
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    Do you have the latest firmware? I was having tons of problems with mine when I first got it. Then apple released the firmware update and all is well now- I never loose my signal anymore- I was loosing it like every hour before the update!

    Now its rock solid!

    Get the Update here.

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