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Problems with dual folding

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Mr. Anderson, Mar 27, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Ok, I've been runnin folding on my dual 1.25 for a couple weeks and doing a good job of cranking out the WUs. But today I tried using FCP while folding was running and playback was terrible, spinning beachball, skipped frames, etc.

    So I had to shut down folding. Unfortunately, i had to kill the processes - didn't have the window open in the terminal any more, probably because of a reboot.

    So how do I start and stop folding when I need to if I don't have the terminal window up that originally started the processes?


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    If your using mc68k's dual CPU script then you can just open a new terminal window and type 'stop', and it'll kill the processes, to start again just type 'start', mc68k's script makes it very easy.
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    Mr. Anderson

    ah, that makes it very easy, thanks.

    Didn't realize that it would work in any window.

    D :D
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    yeah i have it in the .login file, so it'll open in every window. if you type in alias you'll get a listing of the shortcut names and the commands that are actually being sent to the shell.

    but it didn't work through ssh, there must be a different file for that...
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    I think you need a General FAQ for your scripts. You know the basic 'to install' 'to run' 'to uninstall' 'stopping/restarting'

    You know everything like that..
    IMO would stop repeat threads from happening.
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    i do. theres a readme in the .dmg.
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    Yeah but people don't always look there, they look here. :rolleyes:
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    if they don't want to read it then so be it. i'm not going to repeat myself on the forums.
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    the ~/.cshrc file works for making command aliases that you can use over ssh
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    now hold on a second. i thought folding was given the absolute lowest process priority. if this is true you should be having these problems.
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    me hate windows

    hey, does anyone know how long it takes for your name to get on the stats server? I have finished 2 units, and my name is still not on their.:confused: :confused:
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    that's the config file for csh. each shell has its own. i think the default shell for osx is tcsh.

    csh --> .cshrc
    tcsh --> .tcshrc
    bash --> .bashrc (i think)

    et. al.
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    Mr. Anderson


    Yeah, it does in most cases. But for some reason when playing FCP it doesn't. Not a big deal, actually. I'll just turn it off when I'm editing and start up again when I'm finished.

    Has anyone noticed this happening with any other apps?

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    I searched for 'me hate' or 'windows' on our team nada.
    A) We are team 3446 ( done with script)
    B) You know you username.
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    tcsh is a subset of csh, so it should work. i'll have to test it.

    the default shell is tcsh. you can tell ur current shell by:
    echo $SHELL
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    me hate windows

    on that i am schizzlefuzz, not me hate windows. Do you have to sign up on their site to have status, or does it just show up?
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    all you can do is go here:


    and type in shizzlefuzz

    if u've completed the unit it will show up eventually. updated hourly.

    i can't tell u exaclty because i don't know which one of my machines report in when. someone else could though as many here have prob experienced thier first WU recently.
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    New problem...sorta

    I've been running folding on my DP and my 450 for a week or two now without a hitch. I've noticed that my last two work units weren't properly transmitted to the server. I get the following in FAHlog.txt:

    [23:16:21] + Attempting to send results
    [23:16:21] - Couldn't send HTTP request to server
    [23:16:21] + Could not connect to Work Server (results)
    [23:16:21] - Error: Could not transmit unit 03 (completed March 28). Keeping unit in queue.

    I thought it was going to be a rare instance, because my second machine transmitted it's WU fine. My second processor finished and got the same error, so now I have 2 WU sitting on my machine.

    No big deal...I assume it will go through at some time, but I was wondering if there is a way to force a dump to the work server without getting hemorrhoids?
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    Re: New problem...sorta


    so -send all on both processors, that is, if ur using both or ur using my script? i could prob include this in my next script
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    Yes, I'm using your script....and I assumed you were giving me the options for your fold script...looks like I gave myself hemorrhoids anyway.

    Off I go to restart and start again...
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    OK. I got it fingered out. All is well. Thanks for your help!!!
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    edit - this was a bad post - disregard, i goofed
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    Would you recommend using -advmethods? I was poking on the board over at macnn and I saw someone mention this.
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    Re: Hmmm.

    bousozoku knows more about this issue than i do. afaik i don't know if it works for macs or not. maybe ill try it next week after spring break.
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    Using your scripr how can I turn on verbosity to 9?

    Sorry, I'm a moron. :(

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