Problems with NSZombieEnabled

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Sbrocket, Mar 31, 2008.

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    Hello there once again. Hopefully this question won't be something I'll end up answering myself again (or hopefully it will be?), but I don't think I'm gonna figure this out.

    I've got NSZombieEnabled turned on and I'm trying to place GDB breakpoints like so according to some information I found about making use out of it: "fb -[_NSZombie init]", "fb -[_NSZombie release]", etc. However, GDB only seems to create pending breakpoints which are never resolved.

    Any ideas?
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    try rbreak, the names of class methods might be getting mangled as far as gdb knows.

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    Nah, doesn't seem to work. So perplexing.
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    Is it possible that the way _NSZombie works has changed since the articles about using it were written? I know there must be other people here that use it, it seems to be an invaluable debugging tool.

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