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Programming with Samba

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by satyam90, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Is there any way to develop applications on Mac incorporating "SAMBA" protocol? I want to create an application which uses samba to mount the windows shared folders on my Mac.
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    Samba is not a protocol in and of itself it is just an implementation of the Windows file sharing protocol (CIFS iirc???) for Unix like systems. As such there is nothing particularly special about it, I assume that if you wanted to incorporate Samba features you just need to link against it's library and then learn the API.

    Of course that does beg the question, if Samba already deals with mounting Windows shares on the Mac why write an application that does the same thing using the same technology?
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    hi Cromulent, my application don't do anything specific apart from Samba.
    My application will have something like two list views (left and right). Left list view must display list of windows PC's available in network. When a item is selected in that list, right list view must show the shared folders available on that window's PC.
    I will have a button called "mount". When shared folder is selected and "Mount clicked", it will be mounted on my Mac.
    That's all it has to do. Can someone help me how to achieve this?
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    It's best to identify on EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT for your application. For example, going to Apple's Developer website, you can search for the proper frameworks you need.

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