Prototype TiBook on ebay....

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by applefan1997, Jul 26, 2006.

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    I stumbled upon one today. Unfortunatly they dont have the adapter and cannot test it. I didnt put up the link(i think it's prohibited here?).
    A few things that tipped me off:

    The lettering under the display reads "PowerBook", like the Pismo

    The two included batterys reads(on the first) "PANASONIC P12 DVT BATTERY SAMPLE 10/5/2000

    and the second reads "Sony P12 T3 EVT2 Battery Sample 09/7/00 Not for resale Do not puncture or incinerate"

    By the way, the model#is M5884, indicating it's the 400/500MHz models

    Then, the apple logo on the top is like the G3 series. When it's opened, it faces upside down, rather than right side up.

    Clearly these features are unique, and the fact that the batteries are from 2000 makes it a prototype, later reworked to what we know today.

    What's something like this worth?
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    post the link.
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    If you could, that'd be great. It's not illegal, and would really help in this instance.

    EDIT: beat to it.
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    One of the pictures shows that the screen case has either been tampered with or damaged. I wonder if the Apple is upside down because the case was put together incorrectly?
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    If you pay close attention, you can see screws along the top edge of the display, It wouldnt have been there on the bottom. Either way, the other differences do show something about it....
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    That's a very good point.

    Beyond that, to me it looks like a stock Rev. A TiBook. (Though the batteries are weird... both replacements, perhaps?)
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    That doesn't really explain why it's missing the word G4 on the screen bezel.
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    keep in mind that prototypes do look like the originals sometimes. The top case has certain features on it anyway that would prevent it from fitting the wrong way. Then, it would typically share certain features of the direct predecessor, the pismo woulnt it, i mean, the similarities(lettering,apple logo,etc) cant be a coincidence. Also, how could replacement batteries be from 2000, and marked as "Not for resale"?
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    Well, then it was SOME kind of pre-production model....
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    Well, the title of the auction does say "APPLE POWERBOOK MAC LAPTOP G4 / G3 15" Screen - PARTS". Sounds to me like it's a G4 notebook that's screen has later been replaced with a G3 screen.

    Doesn't explain the batteries, though...

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