PS3 1.80 w/ upscaling, about damn time!

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by sikkinixx, May 23, 2007.

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    Sweet! :D Just started playing FFXII, and it will look so much better scaled.
    I can't wait! Now I can play some of those other games I've been holding off on as well.

    (SoTC, GOW2, etc)
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    I'm trying to figure out if they mean simple image scaling, like my SXRD does already, or that the console will actually play the games in high resolution.
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    Yes, it will upscale the games and standard DVDs to 1080p.
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    I don't think you understood the question, since this statement certainly doesn't answer it.
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    I'm very curious to see what a PS1 or PS2 game looks like at 1080p with this. From my understanding, the effect of upscaling on DVDs isn't massive, but it is really nice. I guess it all depends (for the majority of people using fixed-pixel devices like a plasma or LCD TV) whether the scaler is able to do a nicer job smoothing out the 1080p output than the TV can do, since obviously all content is getting scaled to native anyway. The PS3 certainly ought to be able to do a better job than most TVs.

    But as far as games go, some of the PC/Mac emulators have amazing enhanced scaling modes that make games look much better onscreen than they do on the original devices.

    EDIT: Does this feature mean what I think it means:

    Does this mean you can play PS3 games in a remote desktop type of environment on a PSP? :eek:
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    If PSP had dual-analog, SIXAXIS, as well as R2/L2 triggers.....then yes, yes you could :p

    Basically this will allow you to access content on your PS3, from ANYWHERE in the world.
    (as long as you have a PSP, and are near a WAP)
    The ability to download & play PlayStation Classics, as well as listen to music, watch movies, or share pictures.
    Hell you could even access your Eye3 and see whats going on in your room while your gone. :eek:

    This was a confirmed feature a long time ago, and its about time they offered it
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    I'm talking about increasing the native resolution of PS1/PS2 games, not just upconverting them. PC-based Emulators (and even the 360s) do this.
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    Ahhh, I see now. If I had a PS3 and a PSP, I'm not sure if I'd bother with this or not. I guess being able to get all your purchased classic games is nice, although one would think Sony could just let you do that from the PSP to their servers if they really wanted.... ;)
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    Yes, but what if you have a load of personal media on your PS3. (music, pictures, etc., not found on PSN/CONNECT)
    Now instead of having to transfer it to your PSP while at home, to go show your friends, you can download/stream it right form you PS3 HDD over the net.

    PSP will have PSN access very soon, that is also confirmed - this just makes your data accessible over the net. Sony's media already is(kind of).
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    Ugh this is another reason for me to get a PS3 over a 360... someone help :(
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    They haven't said yet and there is really no indication one way or the other, though my guess is upscaling, but either way it will look good.

    Either way I'm excited about remote access to the PS3 HDD. With a 200gb HDD in there full of music and video you could access that anywhere with a PSP. That sounds like a sweet deal.

    And the new camera for the PS3 is incredible which I'm sure will be able to be used with this feature.
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    Unless your TV's already got a good internal scaler, in which case it will look...identical.

    Guess we'll find out tomorrow.
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    Yeah, but usually it's better for the unit to do the scaling before it's passed along to the TV, because once the 480i/p signal is passed along to the TV, it's already lost quality, and then scaling it up to 1080p...Not a pretty sight...

    Since the PS3 is going to be doing the scaling internally, it can bypass rendering at 480i/p and render directly to 1080p, so that it has psuedo-native 1080p... :D If that makes any sense.
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    "Version 1.80 also allows PS3 users on a home network to stream media content (photos, videos, and music) stored on a DLNA-enabled device onto their PS3 system. DLNA is a system that enables digital devices such as personal computers, DVRs, and TVs to be connected to a network and share data with other connected devices, in this case a PS3 system. This new functionality reinforces the value of PS3 system as a home entertainment hub."

    That is the part I am most interested in. Now I just need to find out what the hell a DLNA-enabled device is, and just hope to God my Macs are!
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    Finally, the stuff Sony promised shows up!

    Guess I'm getting a PS3.

    When the price goes down and I have a HDTV to warrant the streaming.

    So, a couple years from now.

    I still want to put Linux on a PS3, and I like the idea of a streaming video server, but my 60 GB iPod works fine for video storage at this point.
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    In case anyone is wondering, it has been confirmed that the US AND Japanese consoles will also do PS1/PS2 upscaling to 1080p. There was much speculation that this would only apply to the European models because these consoles did not contain the Emotion Engine + Graphics Synthesizer chipsets. BUT, now that SCEA has confirmed that the update will include PS1/PS2 upscaling, everyone can be happy! :D

    Source: IGN

    Looks like with each month passing by, Sony is giving users what they promised! :)
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    At least Sony is releasing updates on a monthly basis, and not twice a year.

    I hope to see the so-called leaked 2.0 features—particularly an RSS channel feature—come about soon also.
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    Looks Like The Update Is Available! I'm Updating As I Speak! :d
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    I have updated my PS3, but for the life of me, I couldnt share my photos and music with my PS3. I am guessing Macs aren't DLNA compatible?
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    :( I don't see Apple on that list of companies.....
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    ive made the PS3 find my PC's no problem. It needed windows media player 11 but now im grabbing Video's, music and photo's off the network and from there, you can tell it to search by artist, genre and all sorts of jazz and you can copy them over from your network

    I then tried iTunes and no go, not under shared or anything but my laptop does have a problem and I do only have iTunes 6.04 (i cant make the new updates work on this unit, probably needs a reformat) but I havent tried this with my other PC's that have the newest iTunes or my Mac because their on another network and not this.
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    I don't think we needed that for our mac's? Couldn't you just enable windows file sharing.. I guess i'll find out soon enough.

    Guess it doesn't work via windows file sharing >_<
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    You need a UPnP server on your mac to serve content to the PS 3. There are really only two, that I know of, available.

    EyeConnect ($50/30 day free trial)

    Configurable through a system preference pane.

    TwonkyVision ($30/30 day free trial)

    Configurable by a web browser.

    By the way, if you have an AirPort Extreme (Snow/Graphite) Base Station it does not support UPnP. You can connect the two, but the PS 3 will continue to warn you that it has been disconnected from the media server (over and over again) when trying to access content. Not sure about the 802.11n AirPort Base Station.
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    For those of us not currently at home, can anyone report on the quality improvement, if any, on PS1/PS2 games with the new firmware?

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