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purchased playlist problem

Discussion in 'iPod' started by illwill68, Mar 12, 2006.

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    ok heres my problem my first 10 purchases for my 30 GB video ipod are videos so it goes 1. ,2. ... 10. then my other downloads have been songs and videos well when it gets to the song it says its download then it leaves the list all together and downloads the next video, it told me to check for purchases and i did the song re appeared on the list the video was almost downloaded and the said it would continue next time I log in i log in the next day and it skips the song and restarts at the beginning of downloading the video any advice to help me?
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    mad jew

    I'm kinda struggling to understand. Would you mind reiterating? Jot down brief dot points if you think I might find it easier to work out what's going on. I am very slow, sorry. :eek:
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    It's not you, this makes no sense :rolleyes:
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    Are you getting a weird error messages when iTunes tries to add the DRM just as the video 'finishes' downloading? One of those odd F0000 ones?

    If so, then it's a problem with the video. Drop an email to iTunes support and they'll try to correct it; and if you're lucky, give you 5 songs for the trouble.
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    My interpretation of the question: The poster has a song in his iTMS shopping basket that won't download.

    When he tries to download the song, he gets a message that says the song is already downloaded.

    When he clicks "Check for Purchases ..." in the iTunes menu, the song reappears in the download queue, but when time comes to download, he gets the same error message as before.

    I also guess he's on dial up.

    I don't have any advice however. I'm not familiar with the shopping basket or aware of a download queue in iTunes.
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    ok i'll re-explain it i saw i made errors in my typing in it too ok I do have dial-up thanks for bringing that up well i'll restart from the beginning i bought a few videos and downloaded them and then i bought a song and another video well all the videos before the song have downloaded and then it gets to the song it says its downloading with the black and white lines it leaves the list and begins to download the video i then click the check for purchases the song appears below the video in the list of things to download i then have to leave and exit out of iTunes it gives the message it will continue the download next time i start and it does the song with black and white stripes with the song and the videos starts to download like i never began to download
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    . . . . , , , , , , , , , ? ? ? ? ! ! ! : : : : . . . . . .

    There's some assorted punctuation that you can select and drag (or copy and paste) into your post. It might make it a bit easier for us to read.
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    That is one big sentence. I feel like I'm listening to someone talking really fast, there are no periods or commas or anything. It's really annoying to read. I read your post twice and I just can't understand you.
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    Mr Skills

    OK, for all our sanity, and for a challenge, I have attempted to make this readable using nothing but punctuation. Here goes:

    Of course, it might be "next time I start" rather than "next time" ... the wheels really come off on that last sentence :eek:

    I ***THINK*** this means that every time the song starts to download, it stops and goes back to the beginning, re-downloading the videos he's already got. I'm even confusing myself now.
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    In which case, the answer is to contact iTunes support and they'll look into whatever song/video is causing the problem... once they figure out what he means :p
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    You know, it's funny, I remember back in my day when they actually taught grammar and writing skills in school... I know, bizarre... :cool:
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    HAHA!!!!! sorry, I don't use punctuations i was in a rush to type that and I was being lazy. Look a period and a few exclamations sorry for being a smart ass about it. (look another):D

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