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Purple iPod Shuffle

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Asar, May 29, 2007.

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    So it do...but in these photoshop days, who know!

    I'll be waiting for other to post the same email....I'm not saying your lieing, but its 2007, and I like to be sure
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    Hate to burst your bubble but that looks like the pink(?) one that is already available for sale just at a different angle (i.e. held less to a bright light). Check it here:

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    I got the same email...and yes it does look quite purple. But as raptor pointed out, it's probably just the pink one.
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    I wish! I'd buy one instantly. Purple is my favorite color.
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    i also have to agree that it's the pink shuffle. i really wish they'd make the pink shuffle/nano a little more pink and the blue one a little less electric.
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    It's a pink one. Look at the blue nano, it doesn't look as vibrant as it usually does.
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    still looks purple to me lol. but i guess time will tell. i remember the rumors going around that some apple employees had special purple ones.
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    never heard those rumors?

    just looks like different lighting on the pink one to me too.
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