Putting menu bar AND dock on external monitor

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by ozaz, Jul 7, 2012.

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    I have a display arrangement with my macbook screen directly below an external monitor.

    I want my menu bar and dock to appear on the external monitor. I know how to move my menu bar in display arrangement system prefs. From searching the web I was led to believe that the dock should follow the menu bar. However, this does not work for me. It seems Lion is forcing me to work with my dock at the bottom of my macbook screen regardless of whether I have the menu bar on the macbook or external screen.

    Is this something that has changed in recent versions of OS X?
    Are there any 3rd party utilities that can lift this restriction?

    EDIT: I should add that when I have my displays arranged horizontally, my dock does follow the menu bar.
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    I'm running Lion and my Menu Bar and Dock are both on the external monitor
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    With the same screen arrangement as me?
    (external monitor directly above notebook screen)
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    I have a similar issue too... I want my MBP to be the 2nd display and I want the menu and dock on my external display, but I can't figure it out either.
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    In display prefrences, in the arrange tab, you'll see a little white bar that represents your menubar.


    drag it to place your menubar onto other monitors.


    this will also effect the placement of the dock.
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    You have your displays arranged side-by-side.

    If you arrange your monitors so that the external display is above the internal one, are you able to get both the menu bar and the dock onto the external display?
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    Ah.... duh. I don't know why I didn't bother to try to drag the menu bar... Geez.

  8. Ddyracer, Jul 14, 2012
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    You should be able to. Does it work when you tried it?
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    I believe the dock is purposely on the lowest display. Because while you can drag a window through/below the menu bar, you can't drag something through the dock.
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    The dock will be on the lowest display. If you move it to the side, you it will stay on the top monitor.
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    Thanks that is what I suspected, but wanted confirmation from someone else.

    (I have a dock enhancement app installed on my mac so I was concerned that might be messing around with standard behaviour)

    I'd still be interested in knowing if there are any 3rd party utilities that remove the constraint for the dock to be on the lowest display when the displays are arranged one on top of the other.

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