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Query Regarding Certification

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by ruhi, Jul 17, 2009.

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    I am looking forward for Some certification for MAC programmer or mac Application Developer.

    Can u tell me what certification is available?

    also for iPhone Programmer if there some certification let me know.

    thanks in advance
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    As far as I know, there is no official cerification program for Mac or iPhone programming. The best certification you can have is a working program that people like to use, I never really saw the point of being "certified" by a piece of paper.
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    MAc Certification

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am developing some application and will let u know when people will start using it :)

    I needed certification to add value to my profile. If there is any other things that i should learn to be a perfect Mac Application programmer. Please let me know.

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    HiRez is right. There's no official certification that I know of either; but the Mac developer community is still quite small. If you develop a popular, useful app, your name does tend to get around.
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    Apple offers a number of certifications, but none in programming:

    I would definitely say that if you're seeking employment, having an example application that shows mastery of Cocoa (obviously you'll show a mastery of a subset, not everything), and some concepts like Core Data, etc. will take you further than a certification. I may simply not be seeking these types of jobs, but I've never seen MCTS/MCPD/MCAD/MCSD required for a Windows programming job... most certifications i know of are geared towards the IT side of things.

    In any event, learn to program OS X and earn the skills you might imagine would be needed to get a certification and you should be fine. Actually doing whatever task a certification is meant to prove you can do is better in my opinion than the certification itself, which can be come by surreptitiously.

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    As a programmer and somebody who hires other programmers, a few certifications can be a good thing. It indicates somebody who takes the initiative to train up on something. As long as I know the certification isn't a joke, I like to see some of that on a resume. I also know that I've taken a few that challenged me to really solidify my knowledge in certain areas.

    Edit: on the other hand, not having any certs isn't a deal-breaker either

    Of course, for Mac programming, there is no certification. Probably because the mac development community is very small in comparison to Windows and Web-based development. Very few business apps are written for the Mac.
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    Thanks for your valuable replies.

    But Certification have a lot of value in present scenario.

    I need developer certification that is not available yet. i will wait for it anyways.

    i will grab cocoa very seriously and make me like someone more than a certification for now.


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