Query with Logic Pro 8 and the Apogee Duet

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Mindtrust, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Hi folks, just a quick question as im really new to the production scene.

    I have just invested in an Imac, Logic pro 8, and an Apogee Duet. Im also using Genelec 8020a monitors. Ok, now to my query.

    When im playing back samples I have through Itunes or through the Imac's internal player the sound quality is amazing with the Duet, really clear, excellent quality and very loud through the Genelecs. But when played in Logic in the arrangment window the loudness and the crisp quality dissapears. Why is this?

    Sorry if this sounds really noob, but I have to learn to proceed! It's driving me up the wall.


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    Have you got the Duet set as the soundcard in logic? This would explain the drop in volume and quality.
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    Also, the setting for this can be found in preferences > audio > general tab

    This is how i change the output in Logic Express, i'm guessing it will be the same in Logic Pro.

    Hope this helps
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    Yeah everything is set up to use the apogee duet in logic and also for itunes & quickplayer etc..

    When i go into my samples folders and double click a sample to listen to (outside of logic) the sound quality and loudness is super clear and loud. I think it's using quicktime player to preview the sample but it's also exactly the same quality in itunes.

    The frustrating part is it's just no where near as good inside Logic when i add the sample into a track to use.. Surely it should be the other way around? And better quality in Logic?

    Thanks for taking the time.

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    I use a MOTU 828 mkII. For me Logic is quieter then say iTunes, or QT. I think it is something like iTunes having an output of +6db and Logic having an output of -3db. This should not affect the clarity of the sound however, only the volume level. To be honest you have a splendid monitoring system. Both the apogee and the Genelecs are totally top notch. (I desperately and hoping to be able to afford a pair after the holidays).

    How does it sound when you bounce a track from Logic and then listen to it in iTunes? Is it clear or does it sound like it did in Logic?
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    It's just dosn't seem right. Seems strange that I have to jump up and reach for the volume out of Logic.

    Don't get me wrong, it's still good and the bounces are fine, but the actual samples are crystal through Itunes and Quicktime. Maybe there enhanced when played through Itunes or Quicktime.. Or like you say maybe it's just because they are played higher.

    And also, im a beginner, so maybe it's just me and im not operating Logic to the best of it's ability.

    I just thought maybe something wasn't set up right in Logic and I was missing something.

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    Have you got the equaliser in iTunes turned on? Maybe you could contact Apogee's customer service?

    Sorry i'm not of more help!

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