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Question about NSPathUtilities

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by mdeh, Jan 3, 2009.

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    Even though many functions are declared in <NSPathUtilities.h> it does not appear to be it's own class. ( If NSPathUtilities is searched for in the documentation, there is no class by this name).
    What exactly is it, and where are all the common methods/functions for this header?
    thanks in advance.

    ps...slightly OT...but, is there a problem with the OBJ-C mailing list at Apple. It seems to have been down for a few days...or it may just be me.

    Thanks again.
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    Those are categories. They add methods to other classes, in this case NSArray and NSString.
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    Thanks Catfish_Man...I "kind of" thought so. Let me ask this then....a really basic question.
    Where in the documentation can you see that this is so?

    thanks again for clearing this up.
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    I doubt it's documented that it's a category, as it doesn't really matter... the methods it declares are in the NSArray and NSString documentation.
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    ok tks

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