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Question for developers?

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by lewismayell, Jun 10, 2013.

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    So I really have no idea where this goes, I figured, it has a loose connection to OS X.

    How do you actually go about becoming a developer? Did you go to university for it or learn from the internet? Is it something that can be learnt at home via the internet and watching tutorials or what?

    I'm really interested to learn about app and software development/designing/coding etc. and I'm just curious as to where I should start, thanks for any help.
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    Self taught quite a lot, BSc in Computer Science, MSc in a Computer Science related specialisation.

    Best way to learn - practice.
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    I started myself by learning web code. From there I'm self teaching myself other languages. I'm also going to college for a masters in computer science where they said I would be able to make an app by sophomore year.

    So basically, self teach yourself with online things like videos, or iTunes-U. Then go to school for some professional tips.
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    Do you know of any decent websites? It's probably too late for me to go to college or anything as I'm starting a music technology course in september, but I want to learn this as a new hobby
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    I self taught myself web code with w3schools.com, but I'm not sure of other programming languages. I guess just try iTunes U.
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    I'm 18, just graduated high school. Started with Microsoft's Codename Longhorn (Windows Vista) in 2003 when I was 8. Dad's in the field, so I've been learning everything these past 10 years. I'm not going into EE/CS though, I'm going into pre-medical with a focus on neuroscience. Maybe I'll do EE/CS on the side ;)
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    I learned the basics from my dad when I was growing up. We had a Commodore 64 which booted into BASIC, so it was inevitable that I'd eventually learn more than typing LOAD, pressing Play, then typing RUN :p
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    I'll probably never understand objects :( - We'll, more specifically the smalltalk version - Is there some good tutorial you would recommend? Thank you. I'm learning C and I understand it fine, but I have problem with smalltalk part in Obj-C...
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    I started learning recently. I'd say Python is relatively easy and very powerful first language to learn. Once you know one language it's relatively easy to transition to others. If you're determined to start in iOS/Mac you'll need C++. I would watch thenewboston on Youtube. He has a series on all major languages and one specifically for iOS development. He also makes it extremely easy to understand and is very funny.

    Diving into iOS/Mac development can be daunting for a first time programmer so that's why I suggest starting with something where you can grasp the concepts first.

    Also, just google what language you would like to learn and put pdf at the end. Boom, free text books!

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