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question / i-pod/ importing songs?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by pentree68, May 11, 2006.

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    can somebody help me? i want to import a song from a source other than a cd into my i-tunes library. for example, i have a song on my desktop. i can easily drag it into the library and it plays perfect, but when i delete the song from my desktop the song will no recognized in my i-tunes library. the only way i can permanently keep a song in my library is to import it from a cd. i've tried going to the library under "file" and try to import the song, also tried creating a playlist, but as soon as i send my song from the desktop to the recycle bin, i-tunes can't play the song. what am i doing wrong?
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    Go to the iTunes preferences, then to Advanced, then Importing.

    Make sure the box next to "Copy files to iTunes music folder when importing" is ticked.

    This means that when you add a song to the iTunes library either from a CD or by dragging a file etc. iTunes will copy the file into the iTunes Music folder. You can then delete the song from the desktop.
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    i-tunes import problem

    When I grow up (I'm only 23) I want to be as smart as you! THANKS!!!!!!!
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    I'm "only" 23 too Barb, trust me, you don't ever wanna grow up.

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