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[Question] Ipod partially sync

Discussion in 'iPod' started by giaotze, Sep 6, 2007.

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    I just bought my macbook and ipod. Just new to the MacWorld so a lot of things are still new to me.
    I have the 80G iPod, but my macbook has no capacity anywhere near that, so I couldn't possibly have all my collection in my macbook. However, I want to load them in the iPod.
    Is it possible to load the archive songs in the ipod, delete them off my macbook, and still have ipod always syncronize with the new songs i download? :confused:

    Kinda hard to explain, but basically I want the old songs to sit in my iPod only, and have the macbook and iPod stay in sync for the new songs.

    If you can help me out that'd be fantastic. Thanks!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    :apple: is cool ^^
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    No pros can help me on this? :confused::confused::confused:
    Or is it the wrong thread to ask questions?
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    No, you can't do that.

    If you have syncing set to automatic whatever is on your computer will be mirrored on your iPod.

    The only way to keep songs on your ipod that aren't on your computer is to set syncing to manual.
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    I would suggest deselecting AutoSync and using Manage Music Manually. This will allow you to copy your files over to the iPod via iTunes and then delete them from your library. If you have it on AutoSync, iTunes will simply sync to your empty library and you'll lose everything. =)
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    Do this if you must but don't come bitching and moaning here in 6 months when your HDD takes a dump and you're looking to "save" all your music off your iPod.

    It'll be so much easier for you to go grab a 500GB external drive and enclosure for, what, $100?
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    Right.. I like the external drive idea... but that bring up my second questions.. If I don't have my external drive plug in (where I store all my music) ,what would happen when I sync the ipod? That means all the indexes are there, but the actual music files aren't.
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    I'm actually not sure. I'd be tempted to say you might get a file not found error when you tried to sync.
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    RumMunkey, Do you have any idea?

    You might be right... if that's the case, sync manager will just crap out?
    I guess I will have to change it to manual mode if I want to add the music in the ipod when external harddrive is unconnected.

    Wonder if anyone has similar experience..:eek::eek:

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