Question on installing Lion on a partitioned HDD

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by OW22, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Howdy all.

    I presume what I'm discussing below is possible?

    Got an iMac 2 weeks ago, has Snow Leopard. Took my music, photo's etc from my old mac and put it on the new one. no issues. So it's really "clean". the only 3rd party programs are Handbrake, RealPlayer and Flip4mac.

    I have the redemption code for Lion and am dying to try Lion out but obviously am hesitant reading the issues people are having.

    Can I therefore partition my HDD and clean install Lion onto that partition to see if it is OK thus keeping Snow Leopard in case I hate it on the other partition. If Lion is OK, I can then just manually move my stuff over from Time Machine (external HDD) afterwards.

    Now, if Lion is up and running fine and I no longer need SL, can I simply go into Disk Utlity and erase that partition? Without affecting Lion? Thus going back to one single HDD partition.

    Also to do the clean install I plan to burn the Lion install on my external HDD and use that to install. I presume that's OK?
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    Anybody? What I really need to confirm is once my HDD was partitioned and I had SL running in one and Lion running in the other, can I then later erase the SL partition and it this makes one single HDD again with just Lion?

    i.e. will erasing the SL partition affect the Lion Partition in any way?
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    Well cheers guys!!

    I went ahead and did it and am now posting this from Lion on my partitioned drive...

    No issues at all, the boot disk was easy and so far, Lion is working great. But am going to run tests now, sleep mode, flash video etc. Mobile Me is transferring all my stuff over now.

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