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question on ipod touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by golf pro, Mar 13, 2008.

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    now because the ipod touch is a touch screen i would think they would make the screen pretty hard to scratch, is it. i know im going to get a case but depends on how urgent and whats the best kind to buy?
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    I'll tell you that the iPod touch screen is great, scratch-wise. It smudges like hell, but I never got a single scratch on the front, only on the back. And that's on both of my iPod touches.

    No idea what case is good. Could check out the iSkins?
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    ok thx! but how do u treat it, i usally just wind up the headphones around the ipod, and it scrates the hell out of my ipod video but i dont care cause its broken but do u think it would scratch the itouch?
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    Shouldn't do. For my first iPod, I had it for about 3 months, and I wound the headphones all the time. The back got scratched up, but that was inevitable.

    I mean, if you really are worried about the back, get a case. But otherwise you'll be fine. My iPod video used to get scratches on the screen, but I've not seen a single one on the touch yet. I guess what matters to me is the screen, nothing else. That's what you're watching, right? It's a shame that Apple put the chrome back on the iPod... it's pretty, until it gets scratched up.

    All the best.
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    yes that is all i care about is the screen i dont realy care but the back(at least till ive had it for about a mouth cause im crazy about scratches on new things)but thats cool cause that save me 20 bucks on a new case:):):)

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