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question on recall

Discussion in 'iPod' started by satirev, Feb 13, 2012.

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    To the people who have received the replacement ipods, is apple shipping them in boxes or in padded envelopes?

    I have several replacements arriving so it would be nice if they were in padded envelopes.
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    My first two nano replacement boxes were indeed boxes. When I received the new 6g nano replacements, they were also in boxes.

    I just shipped one in for a friend and this time they sent me a padded envelope. I haven't received the replacement yet, though.
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    The replacements will arrive in boxes.
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    Small box with plenty of padding.
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    Any idea how long it takes? I sent in my request ~2 weeks ago, and I'm still waiting to receive the "return box" for me to ship my original nano off for replacement.

    Edit: Disregard, I just found a thread dedicated to this question.
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    dang, any chance they will bundle them all in the same box if I have a lot of replacements?
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    They're all processed separately, so the nanos will arrive in separate boxes (and likely at different times as well).

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