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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by NJDevils44, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Please help me if there is already an app or anybody willing to develop one. With my new 6GB/m plan for iPhone 3G I will need to somewhat monitor my usage. Are there any apps that can show me how much I've used that month and reset each new month? Might be a dumb question I don't know but anyone that can help, thanks.
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    It's already there in settings - usage. Has info to track battery -- usage and standby hours/minutes since last charge; call time for current period (since reset) and lifetime (starts at zero with restore); EDGE Network Data (assume will either show 3G and Edge separately, or maybe total) sent and received since last reset.

    I reset on July 2. 3.8 MB sent, 17.1 MB received -- so 21 MB in 8 days. Very light browsing, maybe 150 emails received and around 10 sent. Still, I really doubt 6GB is ever going to be a problem. Really, without tethering, that's basically unlimited.
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    Yeah true but I want to be able to monitor it monthly without having to reset and having to always add the numbers together and stuff but I guess not...

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