Questions about burning iTMS downloads to CD

Discussion in 'iPod' started by thomasp, Sep 8, 2005.

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    I've done a brief search for this but didn't get many meaningful results.

    If I pay for and download a few tracks from the iTunes Music Store, can I burn these onto audio CD, and will an old home stereo (which has recognised previous iTunes-made CD's, but not with downloads from iTMS) be able to play the CD? Also, is it legal to do this?

    Finally, while I'm here, are tracks on the iTMS the same file size as an identical-length track imported to iTunes from an audio CD? I'm only on 1Mbit broadband, with painfully slow downloads.

    Thanks for the help :) And if I've missed a really simple and obvious thread with these questions answered, please direct me to it :)
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    If you're on broadband, downloading the tracks shouldn't be a problem. On my 512K connection, they average about 2 minutes a track.

    You can burn the iTMS songs onto a audio CD up to 5 times perfectly legally - and yes, your stereo should be able to play them. I'm not sure if it's 5 times total or 5 times within the same playlist - I've never hit the limit to find out.
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    Thanks for the reply, Applespider :)

    I might start investigating iTMS...
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    Actually, you can burn a playlist 5 times (unless they changed something while I wasn't looking). Then you can simply alter the order of that playlist and burn all those songs again 5 times, and so on, and so on. So essentially you can burn a song an unlimited amount of times.

    As far as the size of the ITMS songs vs song you imported from CD - it depends on how you chose to import them. In the past, songs from ITMS were 128 kbps AAC. I think that is also the default for importing (correct me if I am wrong). If you didn't change your import settings, then there wouldn't be any difference.

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