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Questions on getting an app developed

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by dhassan, Apr 7, 2009.

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    I have a few iphone app ideas that i would like created but had a few questions.
    How long does it take to develop an iphone app and how much does it cost? I understand every app is unique in both categories and a precise number would be difficult to get, but take for example games like Flight Control, Hero of Sparta or Brothers in Arms.
    Should I hire someone from those websites like guru that advertise those kinds of services or are there better options out there.
    Since I know nothing of programming/software development are there any pitfalls I need to look out for.
    Is an NDA (non disclosure agreement) recommended or is does it not cover software.
    Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Depends on the depth of the app. If you are looking for some small custom utility app, you can probably develop one for less than $500. But if you're looking for developers on a full scale game like the examples you have mentioned, good luck (unless you're a VC with few millions lying around).
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    I think there are many people in this situation, I for one. How would I go about even finding a developer who would hear my idea and how I am willing to be a part of the process?

    I know there is a post of here, so as not to make this a glorified classified ad. But its a legitimate question - where do those without a programming background start? Good ideas don't just come from programmers.
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    Document your ideas thoroughly, create an NDA to protect yourself and your ideas and approach the many developers offering custom solution development. If they are serious about their offerings they will have no issue signing your NDA and taking a look over your idea. Trouble is that having custom software developed will cost you an arm and a leg and if the software isn't outstanding it will barely (possibly won't) cover its development cost. You could try to get the developer to develop it and take a cut of the profit when its on sale. However thinking of an idea is easy, making that idea a reality isn't and you aren't going to find a developer anywhere that will agree to splitting the profit anywhere near 50-50.
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    In the perfect world, everyone deserves a fair share base on their contribution. An idea is great, but how much work have you put into such idea? If you have an idea and funded the development, then you deserve your fair share. If all you do is coming up with an idea and nothing more, perhaps you only deserve $50 dollars =).
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    Great comments and I totally agree with them. I have worked in many jobs with developers and know that after doing QA for many hours I am still blankly staring at a screen and know nothing about coding. I also agree that most cases aren't a 50/50 split for profits and that is something to work out on a case by case basis.

    The next question - where do you find a developer and how do you know that they are qualified to do the job? I know you can check their work but for someone who only knows how to use apps, how do I know that they can develop my idea?

    Thanks for your help.
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