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Quick Icon Edit Request

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by LERsince1991, May 26, 2009.

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    Hey, I can't seem to find out how to edit an apple icon.

    I have CS4 and surprised that it doesn't open any of the files.

    I've attached the icon I would like to edit.

    Here a link as well

    All I want to do is change the wallpaper on the display to a stereotypical windows one.

    Would anyone be able to do this for me please?

    Thanks in advance,

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    this is how i would do it i.e. there are probably other ways
    1. open the icns in Preview and save the 512x512 image as a TIFF with the default options.
    2. edit and save as a TIFF again in Photoshop.
    3. drag into the 512x512 box in Icon Composer (included with Apple's Developer Tools) and copy to other image sizes.
    4. export as an icns.
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    Here I tried.

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    Cheers, I just installed icon composer and done everything perfectly.

    I didn't know preview could convert images to other formats, cheers!
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    What did the final image turn out like?
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    I've just done a quick job with some windows 7 wallpapers but now I've got to work out how to change the volume label from 'BOOTCAMP' to 'Windows HD' and got to work out how to change the icon to the one I've made.

    Edit: Ok, worked out to change the bootcamp volume name just boot from windows and change the name in my computer :p

    The icon is being hard though.

    Edit 2: sorted, downloaded candybar demo and change the default drive icon

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    Trying to get the windows part of your partition set up how you want it? :)
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    well got bored of the look so customizing it a bit.

    I also like windows 7 just the permissions of the drive don't work on NTFS so had to do some tweaks lol

    I'd like to get rid of office and just use iwork but I'm having trouble adjusting

    heres a screenshot of it so far.
    I want some sort of feed or text on the desktop too but not sure what to have (using geektool)

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    Thanks for the help

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