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quick ios5 setup question

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by misterpip, Aug 10, 2011.

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    when you first setup ios5, and the apps are being background downloaded from the icloud, are they being redownloaded from the app store (over the internet), or are they being wireless synced with itunes on the mac?

    the only reason i ask is because my iphone apps are more than 9GB alone, and redownloading them over internet from app store would take far too long on my slow-ish connection.

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    app store, that's why it doesn't download VLC to mine, i have to manually do it from itunes.
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    thanks for the reply

    just another follow up question though...

    if i was to setup a new iphone with ios 5.0, and not enable icloud during the initial configuration, would i be able to set it up after i have synced it with itunes?

    in other words, i want to set up new iphone, have icloud turned off, then sync with itunes, then turn on icloud (and use cloud backup, syncing features etc). Would this work?

    thanks again
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    yes, but don't see why, can enable iCloud in backup it then asks if you want to set up as new, restore from iCloud or restore from iTunes, surely you just want to select restore from iTunes, then go in to the settings later and enable the iCloud backup? i backup iCloud and to iTunes daily anyway

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