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Quick question about Mountain Lion Upgrade

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mobiletaylor, Aug 7, 2012.

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    My wife has an 11 MBAir with Lion. I will probably replace this in a could of years. If I purchase Mountain Lion and install it, will I have problems when I re-sell it? I don't have a Lion install disk, so how would I wipe the system and install Lion? If I wipe the system and leave Mountain Lion on it will my Apple ID be tied to it? How to proceed?

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    Why don't you worry about that if you resell it?
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    Well, I KNOW I will sell it (already sold my last two Mac laptops when I upgraded to these two) so I'd like to make sure I dont mess anything up for the next owner. I'd like to play with mountain lion, but it's not that important if it messes up the resale value. I cant be the only one that sells older laptops to help offset the cost of new ones?
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    If you don't have a solution to post, why don't you just... oh I don't know... not say anything? Seriously, it seems like many of your posts are not aimed at being helpful, but just smart alek comments.

    This is all new territory, so a little unclear for everybody. I think what is clear is Lion came with your computer so you would be okay to sell it with Lion. If you want to sell the machine later I would think you would be safe doing a clean install of Lion and just selling it like that, as Lion is linked to the serial number of your machine.
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    Yes, that would be ideal. However, the MacBook Air didn't come wih install disk. I'm assuming the Mountain Lion update would replace the Lion partition wih Mountain Lion recovery. I'm guessing no way to go back to Lion after upgrade to ML.
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    This is actually a good question. I just sold a MBP, that I had installed ML on. I erased the hard drive and when I went to reload the OS, it wanted me to enter my Apple ID. Since I didn't want it attached to my account, I installed SL (since I had a disc for it).
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    You are correct that the ML install will create a ML Recovery HD, and if you boot from that Recovery HD on your drive it will prompt for an AppleID and reinstall ML.

    But you need to get past that and go back to the Lion install that came with your machine. To do that you want to get to Internet Recovery by booting with command-option-r. That should boot from the firmware based Internet Recovery and not the Recovery HD (which will go to ML). Once in Internet Recovery, start Disk Util and format the whole drive not just the Macintosh HD partition. To do that you will want to click on the drive name like "128GB Samsung" or whatever. After a full drive format proceed with the install. Yu not be prompted for an AppleID as you are now installing Lion linked to your serial number.

    If you have trouble getting to Internet Recovery you can do the same thing by booting from a recovery USB and doing the full disk format then rebooting with command-r.
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    Ahhhhhhhhhh, the Internet Recovery was the missing piece. If I can use that without an ID, and it is always available, then no worries at all.

    Thanks! I'm off to download ML :)

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