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Quick question about people who just got MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by hcho3, Oct 29, 2010.

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    Did you guys also buy printer on the same transaction, so you can get 100 dollars rebate? Apple offers 100 dollars rebate on printer as long as it is purchased same transactions. Some of the printers are like 100 dollars and they are pretty decent ones. Did you all take advantage of this offer? Or are you all just rich people and don't care?
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    Well it's to them, not about them ;)

    Do people actually use this option? I've never known anyone in the UK to take the offer.
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    if you need a printer get one, if not you'd have to ponder if you could sell the free one for any amount of money. i got the free NX420 with my Mac Pro and found that they go for around $30 after fees on eBay. needless to say, it's just sitting here collecting dust because $30 isn't worth the hassle of eBay to me.
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    I wonder what apple did with Canon printers. They all pulled them off. I don't want HP printers. I would consider Epson, but their inks are overpriced.
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    Couldn't seem to find the offer anymore on the apple site when I ordered mine.got to the promotions page and it said there were no offers on currently.

    Diddnt really want the printer that much anyway,would have just gone to the missus.
  6. M87
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    Yep, I got the 100 dollar HP. I don't really need one, but it was free and it's nice that it's wireless and prints via email. I have to say though that it looks and feels like a cheap piece of crap. I expect nothing less from HP.
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    I did that offer a couple years ago when i got my 15" mbp and that printer still works fine. it was an HP
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    Didn't want to deal with the rebate. I'm perfectly happy with the HP network printer I've had for 2+ years. Ink on eBay is about $5 a cartridge for me :)
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    Are the ink cartridge cheaper on ebay?
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    Yeah, people basically just refill the empty ones and resell them on eBay. You could refill them yourself, but I've found it isn't worth the trouble.

    If it all prints the same and lasts just as long, who cares whether it's a refilled one or a new genuine one?

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