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QuickSilver in PC-case

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Bug-Creator, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Yeah I know some will now cry "sacrilege" but I moved the innards of my Quicksilver in a C=-Gaming tower and sofar all is good except for the missing ATX-backplate (not a biggy) and the power-switch assembly....

    It seems that :apple: overdid some voodoo where 3 buttons and 1 LED with have been enough (no suprise here). So my question is, is there some pinout available or do I need desolder the buttons and replace them with 2 pin headers for the wires available in the PC-case ?

    As to why:
    a) 2x1.8GHz simply need more airflow/space to run reasonable silent
    b) C= will allways be cooler than :apple: :p
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    did that awhile back myself. worked great, lots cooler/quieter for sure. my solution for the front board connectors looked like this;

    front panel brd.jpg

    i just traced the wires and reused the board in the new case. worked great, didn't need to cut/splice anything, and by extending the led wires, got to use the led complete with sleep throbber without any modification. easy is good.

    one site still posting the pin outs is HERE for reference.

    pics of the build when you're done would be cool. best of luck.
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    Nice solution /\ I've seen some really messy cut and splice jobs.
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    Zeke D

    is thre a link to the case you used?
  5. 4JNA, Sep 28, 2012
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    thanks. when i started the project i went looking for pin outs and saw lots of.... :eek:


    op or me?
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    Zeke D

    both of you :)
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    mine was a Lain Li PC-60. sweet case! couple pics;

    atx case.jpg

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    Lil Chillbil

    sweet case for my hackintosh i went with this
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    Not mine will post pics when finished.

    The PCB on the QS is actually much smaller and it seems adding some 2 pin headers to the buttons is the really the best way.

    On a side note, I'm missing those 28V and I'm not sure wether that is used for ADC-monitors or firewire (not useing either atm).
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    Zeke D

    My understanding is the 28V is for the ADC. I ran an iMac G5 without the 28V and used an external monitor.
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    O.k. did some quick (and horrible shots):
    Top to bottom:
    - fanless PC-PSU
    - 2x1.8GHz Sonnet (fans controlled by a controller in the 3.5" bay)
    - 1.5GB of RAM
    - Radeon9000 with 128MB
    - SATA-card (noname PC version so no support in OF or OSX)
    - SBLive! (AFAIK also no OSX-drivers)
    - NEC-chip USB2
    - 4GB CF-card in adaptor containing the basic boot files for MorphOS3.2 and Linux (rarely used)

    Drive bays (nothing to be seen here really)
    - some black Sony DVD-burner that actually came with this QS
    - 500GB Seagate hybrid drive with 4GB flash (needs proper mounting)
    - fan controller mounted in top most 3.5" bay
    - QS power asembley screwed

    In between:
    - the monster of Loch Cable :eek:

    The power assembly didn't like any attempt to wire the switches directly to the connector but insisted on going through that IC so I soldered the wires directly to the switches (that change of plans made the end-result look even less "pro").

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    hey, nice build! i've done several from sawtooth to quicksilver and never run across a board like that. i think the 'wires' solution looks like a great way to go. easy and functional, works for me!

    the 28v is for ADC power and Firewire power. everything else works fine. if you need Firewire, you can always get a PCI card to add it. i've seen several that use a wall wart for 24-28v, but i've never done anything other than modify the atx connector, and never had a problem. easy, cheap, and less wires for the win.

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